"When I came to Sherry for my first massage, I was facing possible double hip replacement surgery, and was so stiff and tight and had such pain that I took a high dosage pain medication. Since working with Sherry, I am now much more mobile, I do not have to have the hip surgery, my blood pressure has gone down, I've decreased my pain medication to over the counter remedies, and I am much happier with my quality of life and more pleasant to be around. Sherry has hands of Gold!" ~ Glen Bressler, retired State Ferry System Worker, Port Orchard, Wa


In one Myofascial Release session, Sherry has been able to achieve pain relief and restored movement in the fascia and muscles around my ribs which were cracked in a work injury/fall, that my medical doctors and 6 weeks of Physical Therapy visits had not achieved.  I left feeling so much better!"

~Jack Oakley, Telecommunications Supervisor, Port Orchard, Wa


"Sherry has made me feel so comfortable in her kind manner and professionalism that it relieved my anxiety about receiving my first massage. Her massage space evokes such relaxation. She has a very compassionate and gentle spirit that gives a sense of peace and serenity. She has taught me how to allow myself to relax and not be so filled with anxiety. I will now be making treatment with Sherry a regular part of my health care practice."

~Brenda, Small Business Owner, Port Orchard, Wa


"Sherry has the ability to work out my painful muscles in my neck and arm,  while not causing unbearable pain. No other therapist has been able to achieve this level of relief without causing me more pain. I will only work with Sherry, for I know I can trust her, and her touch brings lasting relief. I recommend her to my son for his auto injury, and he is experiencing the same lasting results under her care."

~Deb Jones,  Registered Nurse,  Manchester,  Wa

"I absolutely LOVE the new technique Sherry is using, the Myofascial Release is so profound, I am utterly amazed at the immediate results achieved in just one session! It is an amazing body mind healing experience and deeply spiritual all at the same time. I will only see Sherry from now on."

~Sherilyn Gagnon, Chaska Minnesota


"Sherry performed Myofascial Release on my Left Knee, which has had a plate and screws placed in after an orthopedic surgery  to repair my torn and degenerated ligaments from an old sports injury. I have not been able to fully extend my knee for over year now, and I was feeling really old! In one session Sherry was able to release the tight fascial restrictions around my knee, allowing my knee cap to self align  and I can now fully extend my knee! I am SO excited! I can't wait to go walking again! Thank you Sherry for giving me my mobility back! It feels great to not be an 'old woman' at 43 again! "

~Satisfied Client, Chaska Minnesota


"Sherry has taught me and my home schooled Children so much about how amazing our bodies are and the natural healing abilities held within! After feeling very frustrated with traditional medical remedies that did not help my daughters jaw pain after a fracture when she was 9 and debilitating headaches since, Sherry's application of MFR gave my 13 year daughter relief that she hadn't had in 4 years! My own personal improvement in pelvic balance and how it is affecting my whole body is utterly amazing! My husband is an avid runner, and when the road jarring starts to pull things out of place and cause muscle pain, the MFR helps  keep things balanced and pain free for him, helping him add more time to his daily run again.  She has helped our entire family achieve a better level of health and physical activity. Thank you Sherry! "

~Dawn Schmitz & Family, Victoria, Minnesota

"Sherry's style of massage (MFR) is unlike anything I've experienced before, and you can really feel it working! I love the stretch you feel in the muscles and lasting relief it has given me from chronically tight shoulders and neck muscles that just wouldn't stay released.  It makes my chiropractic adjustments go smoother and last longer too. She has also given me a greater range of motion in my knee again, after years of limited mobility due to knee surgery. I feel like the surgery was much more successful now that I have more pain and restriction free mobility back. I see Sherry exclusively because what she does works!"

~Christina Nelson, Port Orchard, Washington

"Sherry's use of Myofascial Release is a very profound experience on many levels, mind, body & spirit. As a psychologist, I appreciate the mind body spirit connection and healing that the MFR facilitates. Having experienced a combined session of the MFR and Sherry's Deep Tissue massage, I can honestly say that it is undoubtedly the very best massage I have ever experienced. That is no small compliment, for I receive a lot of bodywork. Sherry gave me the first deep tissue massage where I felt as if she was going deep and getting affective work done, without there being an ounce of pain, something I've never experience before. She is truly called and gifted."

~Ann Silvers, MA, Licensed Psychologist, Silver Streams Unlimited, Gig Harbor, Washington


"I have gotten a lot of massage, and Sherry's style is in a class all by itself. In a quick  30 minute session, Sherry's MFR massage gave me instant relief from back pain and stiffness that I had been dealing with. Before, I could hardly move I was in so much pain, and my pain was GONE 30 minutes later, and I had lasting relief! As a Christian, it's encouraging for me to know that Sherry is also in prayer for me as she works, and seeks healing on a Higher level. That brings me a great deal of peace.  She is wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone, you simply must try the MFR, I can't believe how well it worked for me!"

~Sherri Hunt, Lake Bay Washington


"I came to Sherry for anxiety issues, that were keeping me from sleeping at night. I was tired and exhausted and worried about my health. I  had never had a massage before. Sherry's professionalism, listening ear, and heart felt compassion put me at ease. She prayed with me, and then while massaging me, coached me in learning relaxation and breathing techniques for myself that I could take home to use anytime. It has helped in reducing my anxiety attacks. I trust Sherry and her care and consider her a friend."

~Doreen Knapp,  Gig Harbor, Washington

"I decided to try Sherry's treatments at the urging of one of her other clients. I have been suffering with severe forearm pain and restriction from office work, as well as nerve pain in my foot from surgery.  I didn't think at first there was much Sherry could do for my foot pain, and was only slightly hopeful she may be able to give me some relief from the arm and wrist pain, so I can enjoy writing and working again. Wow, was I surprised! Not only is my forearm pain reducing steadily, but Sherry's application of MFR to my toes, feet and legs has resulted in the nerve pain going away in 2 sessions! I now am able to wear more shoes and walk barefoot again pain free, when I could not do that before. My orthopedic doctor is impressed with the results as well.  I am amazed at the way the MFR works and the skill Sherry's possesses. She has also done an ergonomic evaluation of my work station and is working with us to ease our repetitive work strain on our bodies through a stretching and wellness program and recommendation for new work stations.  She is helping others in my office as well.  I am getting better week by week and returning to the active life style I once enjoyed, thanks to Sherry!"

~Beth R., Business Owner, Gig Harbor, Washington

"I have fibromyalgia, and often the pain gets to be excruciating. I feel as if my body is in tight plastic wrap and can get little relief. It affects my sleep, and my daily functioning ability. Pain medications give some relief, but not from the tightness and restrictions. Massage has given limited results in the past, because I simply cannot tolerate too firm of a touch. Sherry's gentle use of the MFR principle has begun to give me relief I had only hoped possible.  First, Sherry was able to gently begin a rebalancing of my pelvis, which has helped reduce severe pelvic pain that I have been dealing with for years.  I also experience a definite reduction in the "FibroFog" and think more clearly after Sherry has released some of the fascial tension in my head, neck and shoulders. The relief lasts days longer than before, and helps my atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatments to last longer as well, and my Chiropractor is quite pleased with the results he has seen in me,  and encourages me to keep working with Sherry on a regular basis.  I am looking forward to doing a mini intensive treatment scope with Sherry in the near future and getting even further, longer lasting results. MFR is truly wonderful for Fibromyalgia patients! Thank you Sherry for bringing me relief and helping me facilitate true healing. "

~Carolyn Starr, Port Orchard, Washington


"Sherry graciously provided a therapists teaching exchange for myself and another massage therapist. She is a truly talented and gifted therapist and a natural teacher as well! I really enjoyed learning under her, and experiencing MFR first hand, it is amazing work!"

~Paula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Eugene, Oregon


"After working with Sherry during our MFR I class learning cranial sacral holds and MFR holds, I was struck with vivid imagery while Sherry worked on me, and later moved to tears from the experience. I have been a body worker and experienced lots of body work, and all I have to say about Sherry's touch,  and her very presence is "there is something definitely different about you" "Wow,"  "I am amazed. I've never had that happen before" "There is Something Definitely Different About You.""

~Mike, Fellow MFR Therapist, from Idaho