Meet Our Sound Therapist

  Holly Gossett joins Soul Serenity as a talented Sound Therapist and Certified Emotion Code Practioner.

imageHolly's journey in healing began more than 20 years ago in the midst of her own healing crisis. During that time she discovered music as a form of healing, and began the healing energy work of singing Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drum, Voice, Essential Oils, and Emotion Code Muscle Testing work. She works with all age groups.

She has a beautiful blend of intutiion and a healer's compassion to tailor your session and 'tune in' (Pun intended) to your personal needs. She works solo, or if requested, in tandum with her husband Rayel. Appointments are available in the Port Townsend Office.


Sherry Says

"The sound vibration work is a absolutely profound additional level of healing in conjuction with your Myofascial Release Treatments! Your body will sing with vibrant, healing energy from the tip of your head to tip of your toes!                   I highly recommend the experience!


Don't Postpone Joy!   Choose to Feel!