Covid19 Info/ Re-Open Requirements


Dear Clients, 

After what feels like an eternity to us all, Jefferson county has begun entering into phase 2, so I'm happy to announce that I am re-opening my practice, and resuming services beginning the week of June 1st, 2020  at my Port Ludlow Location only.   This decision was made in the best interests of client accessibility, social distance safety and my being able to maintain all newly mandated best practices by the Department of Health for Massage Therapists.  

The following cleaning, sanitizing, and PPE measures will be strictly adhered to:

Sanitizing of all touchable surfaces in all client contact areas including: Entry area, door jams, door knobs and light switches, chair arms, bathroom fixtures, faucet handles, sink, counters, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, massage room door handles and jams, light fixtures and switches, face cradles, table legs, chairs and any other touchable surfaces. Soft fabric surfaces will be sprayed with Lysol. Sheets and blankets will be laundered with enzyme enhanced organic detergent in hot water, with bleach if indicated, and dried on high. Lysol is used on the heating pad of the massage table and face cradle between each session, and fresh clean lines are provided for each use.  A pillow case will be hung, closed end downward, for clients vapors to be expelled into while face down. 

I will wear a surgical or N95 Mask (if available) and glasses or face shield throughout the session, wash to the elbows, and change clothing or a apron between each client session. 

All clients will be required to wear at least a fabric face covering, or surgical  mask. If you absolutely do not have one, one can be provided for you, but I ask you bring your own. 

I will not be doing active unwinding or much head and neck work face up at this time. 

Please Note: 

For clients who have allergies or smoke. PLEASE do everything possible to not smoke and to make certain you do not cough. I reserve the right to ask anyone with an active cough, for any reason, to leave. Droplets and aerosols are a primary safety issue for me as your therapist, and I will be monitoring this closely for my own personal safety since I will be in very close and sustained contact throughout your session. 

PPE:  I Require ALL clients to wear a mask PRIOR TO exiting your vehicle and at all times in doors unless face down in the face cradle. I ask all clients please limit the amount of talking to prevent vapor spread.

The following protocol will be required of all clients prior to your appointment:

1. Health Screening.  Any clients experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with Covid19, DO NOT schedule  and contact your primary healthcare provider for further advice and testing. Do not schedule until tested for Covid19 and clear of ALL Symptoms of any respiratory or flu like illness for at least 3 weeks.

  •    Self Monitoring for Fever; any increases in temperature, at all, please wait to schedule, even if not related to            Covid19
  •    Chills and shaking
  •    Coughing/ Shortness of Breath
  •    Loss of taste or smell
  •    Any exposure to known infections of Covid19 or suspected exposure to infectious persons. 
  •    Body aches or pains with the above symptoms 
  •    Gastrointestinal pain, diarrhea 

 [ Common Myofascial treatable aches and pains not related to Covid19 include: a known muscular or fascia tissue injury such as back pain, surgery, strain/sprain from a fall, auto injury, sports or work related injury. ]


In Health and Peace, 

Sherry Brown, LMT

Soul Serenity Myofascial Wellness